Whenever possible, I'll take alternative transit methods to get around Toronto & my favourite way of recently getting around the city is by e-scooter!

While technically illegal in Toronto, there is no enforcement of this by-law and it's very evident if you look around Downtown that numerous people are utilizing these as their primary way of getting around town.

I had to head out to Scarborough to take some listing photos & the Google Maps estimate said it would take 25 minutes by car and 45 minutes by bike for the 11km journey.

My route almost entirely consisted of dedicated bike lanes which made the trip feel considerably safer than riding on the road.

One mistake I made on my trip was routing through the Victoria Park TTC station which required me to carry the 65lb e-scooter up & down two flights of stairs.

Despite this slight detour, I still made it to my destination in 35 minutes which put it only marginally slower than if I were to have driven a car!

I arrived with 65% battery remaining after leaving home with a full charge and had an average speed of 24.9km/ph.

This will definitely be my go-to vehicle once the snow goes away again so be sure to check back for more commuting adventures in the future!

Let me know if you have any questions about the King Song N12 E-Scooter in the comments section below!

Rylie C.