Ever since we moved into our new condo, I've wanted to replace the existing shower heads as they were quite small compared to our previous bathroom.

Thankfully this task doesn't require you to be a professional plumber or handyman to complete so I decided to try my hand at it & was pleasantly surprised at how simple the whole process was!

The new shower head I purchased was roughly $60 from Home Depot but you can easily get a similar one from Amazon if you didn't want to spend as much.

Step #1: Remove existing shower head (turn off water)

You can use an adjustable wrench or vice grips to clamp onto the flat section of the shower head and slowly turn counter-clockwise while supporting the shower head so that it doesn't' fall.

Step #2: Remove existing sealant tape

The existing sealant tape has likely been there for a while so it probably will be quite implanted into the grooves so would advise to use a knife or metal brush to remove it completely.

Ensure that the surface is fully cleaned so that it's ready for the next step.

Step #3: Install new sealant tape

This tape likely won't come with your new shower head so be sure to buy some but it's super simple to apply as it only requires a single wrapping around the pipe.

Once the tape is on, press it into the grooves so that the new shower head will slide on smoothly.

Step #4: Install new shower head

Honestly the easiest part of all of this is actually installing the new shower head as it just rotates (clockwise) onto the pipe.

Don't over tighten, just make sure that it's snug/has a bit of resistance.

Step #5: Test it!

Now that everything is installed, you'll want to run a quick test to make sure no water is leaking out & that all head functions are working properly.

That's it, you've installed your new shower head!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @TorontoRealEstate.ca

Rylie C.